MORE NEW INK SKETCHES, 2014. For Sale € 135. ORIGINAL FREEHAND INK SKETCHES 2014. SIZES 22cm x 22cm, 24cm x 24cm, 26cm x 24cm, 31cm x 24cm. €30 packing and shipping with Mail Boxes Etc to most countries. A drawing with a few lines has taken a lifetime of work to be able to synthesize. A drawing with more work has taken maybe longer to actually do so it is just for you to choose. Thank you. The sketches do not come with any mount due to the size of the envelope used by Mail Boxes where there is no space for a mount. Delivery in about three days.

.                                                                       SK 26 2014

                                                                      SK 27 2014

                                                                      SK 31 2014

                                                                  HOME SK 38 2014 sold

                                                                HOME SK 41 2014 donated

                                                                        SK 44 2014

                                                                      SK 46 2014

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